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Crysalin was founded in June 2007 to research and develop crysalin lattice technology derived from patented work conducted since 2002 in the Oxford University Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics.

Crysalin moved to the Diagnox Laboratory within Cherwell Innovation Centre in December 2010, to continue to develop their technology.  Their Chief Technology Officer Cerri Lewis said that being based within the centre has been an excellent starting point for them.

"I don't know of any bio-science incubators which offer the range of facilities and instrumentation that Diagnox offers, because of this we were able to be fully up and running within a month of starting at the facility. The DiagnOx Laboratory has enabled us to keep capital costs down and focused on what we really need. We're now planning to expand, still within the center, and the dedicated facilities (cell culture and microbiology) mean that we will need less lab additional lab space.

The center's excellent staff provide a range of support functions allowing our staff to stay focused on the science.

I've looked at many facilities in Oxford and Cambridge and haven't found one that offers such a complete package for a bio-science start-up.

If I were David Cameron looking to help bio-science start-ups and entrepreneurship the Diagnox model would be one I'd look to replicate."